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Why We LOVE Living and Working in Darwin!

By Korgan Hucent
If you’ve travelled around Australia, you’ll know that every city and every town has a distinct personality and flavour entirely its own.  That absolutely can be said about Darwin as well, and as Australia’s smallest capital city in terms of population, it prides itself very much on its laid back personality.
So what is it about this place that makes it such an incredible place to live and work?  Here are a few points:
• Our weather totally rocks:  If you hate winter and struggle with the onslaught of colds, flu and perhaps even eczema that can flair up when the cold dries the skin out, then you’ll love Darwin’s climate.  Our position here in the tropics means we only have two seasons: Wet and Dry.  The wet provides us with amazing rain and thunderstorms, and the price some say we pay for this is the humidity.  It is humid during the wet, but nothing a little air-con can’t fix!  Our temperatures don’t vary too much either during the Wet and the Dry, in terms of maximum dailies.  The humidity drops however for the Dry and overnight temperatures can drop by up to 10 degrees, compared to Wet season temperatues.
• The people are friendly:  In some Australian cities, it can be hard to create a social circle, but in Darwin because the majority of people come from everywhere else, it’s easy to find others in the same situation as you, i.e. new or relatively new to the place.  If you’ve been here awhile too, it’s simple to find friends.  Facebook is a great place to start, with loads of social groups!  Darwin is super friendly.  It might have something to do with the fact that we have no winter!
• We have virtually no traffic:  Forget the traffic jams of other capital cities!  In Darwin, we just don’t have the volume of traffic on the road.
• You’re never really too far away from anything:  Metropolitan Darwin doesn’t cover an overly huge area, compared with the likes of say Melbourne or Sydney.  Palmerston isn’t all that far to the city, and 15 minutes is considered a long car journey up here!  In the metro area, you’re always close to everything you need.  Unless of course you need David Jones or Myer.  We don’t have them here yet!  Some would say that’s a good thing, but for those who don’t, you can shop online!
• There’s always an event on:  The Darwin Waterfront for instance, is a place where you’ll always find events on!  Just rock up and see for yourself, and you’ll know what we mean!
All in all, Darwin is a friendly, laid-back city that’s neither too big nor too small!  We reckon it’s the best place in Australia here at Ray White Bayside real estate, and although we admit we’re a little biased, we think you’ll probably like it too!
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