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Our Six Tips to Help You Pass Your Rental Inspection with Flying Colours

By Korgan Hucent
So you’ve just received a phone call from your Property Manager to tee up a time for your rental inspection?  If that sounds like you and you’re sweating at the very thought, then relax!  As scary as it may sound, rental inspections really aren’t that bad.
Most people at some point rent, and chances are your Property Manager probably does also.  The rental inspection is just one way the property management team keeps the flow of communication going between the tenant and landlord.
So here are our top six tips to help you get through the inspection without any hassle!
Tip #1 – Clean and tidy the house:  You don’t need to bust an artery over this or worry about the house having a ‘lived in’ feel.  The fact is, you live in the space and your Property Manager doesn’t expect you to have your place looking like a display home.  Just mop the floors, vacuum and tidy up.  Make use of cupboards and storage places!
Tip #2 – Declutter:  A rental inspection is a great excuse to declutter and get rid of that excess stuff you just don’t need.  Go to the tip, bag stuff up for donating to charity or hit the Buy, Swap and Sell pages on Facebook or perhaps even Gumtree to sell and make yourself a bit of extra cash in the process!
Tip #3 – Tidy the outdoor areas:  In our busy lives, outdoor areas like the backyard can easily become neglected, so whip around the backyard pulling weeds and cut the grass.  If you don’t have time, just call a local yard maintenance business to help you out.
Tip #4 – Make repairs to minor issues:  Maybe your cat clawed the fly screen on your sliding door, or perhaps one of the door stoppers behind a door broke off?  These are things you can and should easily repair prior to the inspection.
Tip #5 – Make a list of what maintenance concerns you have:  The rental inspection isn’t just about your Property Manager gathering information and checking the place out on behalf of the Landlord.  The inspection also gives you an opportunity to raise any concerns with your Property Manager.
Tip #6 – Relax:  Seriously, the rental inspection isn’t anything to have a coronary over.  On the whole, just make sure your house or apartment is neat and tidy and you’re good to go!
If you have any questions relating to your upcoming rental inspection and you’re one of our clients, please don’t hesitate to give the Property Management Team here at Ray White Bayside a call on 08 8986 7131
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