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It’s Build Up, so Time to De-Clutter with these Super Useful Tips!

By Korgan Hucent

Sure, here in the Darwin we’re currently experiencing the Build Up, but technically speaking the season is actually Spring and that means it’s time for getting organised with a Spring clean!  If you’re serious about doing something to establish order and peace in your home, now is the perfect time to take action and de-clutter!

From a real estate point of view, the Ray White Bayside team understand that a home free of clutter doesn’t just make the occupants feel light and happy in their space, but it also has that effect on any prospective tenants or buyers considering the property.  That’s a win-win for everybody!

So, how does one get started with the de-clutter?  It can be overwhelming, but it’s certainly worth the effort and here are a few tips to help get you started:

  1. Choose which area you really want to de-clutter the most: Maybe it’s your lounge room or the living area?  Perhaps it’s your bedroom or home office?  Decide where you want to start and then think about what you want to achieve in that space.
  2. Take the pile approach: Pull everything out and get started from there by creating piles for keeping, selling/giving away or throwing in the bin.  If it doesn’t work or is broken, throw it away. If you don’t need it, but it’s still good to use, consider selling or gifting to charity or a friend.  When you decide the item is going, re-home or bin it quickly.  You do not want to find yourself hoarding stuff you do not want or need.
  3. Re-organised the designated space for what you are keeping: It’s not enough to just take the, “out of sight, out of mind” approach by chucking everything you’re keeping in a cupboard.  The idea is to clearly decide where things will go, and sort the storage space out for those items.  You want order and organisation, so make use of storage containers that fit well into your shelving.  The idea is for everything to be in its rightful place, so you always know where any item is at a given time.
  4. Assess the space after you have de-cluttered and put everything into its rightful place: Are you happy with the space?  Do you see that the items you have truly make you happy and have a real purpose in your life?  If there’s anything you do not want or need still in the space, make the decision to sell, give away or throw out!
  5. Take preventative measures to keep clutter away: After all the hard work of de-cluttering, you need to stay organised.  Have a rule in place, for instance, if you are buying a new item of clothing, you need to get rid of an item of clothing you are not using, to make room for that new item.  If you have kids, every couple of months, go through their toys and clothing/shoes and get rid of what is no longer used or what does not fit.  You’d be amazed at how much you accumulate!  And when it comes to junk mail and any items of mail, throw it in the bin!  You can also scan any important pieces of mail, so that way you have electronic copies as opposed to paper copies that clutter your home up!

So there you have it!  Our top tips here at Ray White Bayside to help you de-clutter and in turn, de-stress and possibly even make some extra dollars in the process!  Have fun de-cluttering!

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