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Hobart housing much more affordable than other capital cites

By Korgan Hucent

by Cameron Kusher

29 March 2016

The list of the most affordable capital city suburbs in each state and territory highlights the dramatic difference in the cost of housing between the most affordable and most expensive capital cities.

In last week’s Property Pulse we looked at the nation’s most expensive suburbs, this week we turn our attention to the cheapest capital city suburbs.

When we are talking about affordable prices for capital city housing, Hobart is the location of choice with property prices much lower there than across the mainland capital cities.  To highlight this we have looked at selling prices for the bottom decile of homes over the three months to January 2016.  A decile simply divides a group into ten equal parts.  What this means is if there were 20 sales over the three months and we lined the sales up from lowest to highest we would take the 2nd price as a representation of the most affordable segment of the market.

Over the three months to January 2016, the 10th percentile price of a house across the combined capital cities was $315,000 and the 10th percentile unit price was $255,000.  Over the same period, the 10th percentile house price across the combined regional markets was $175,000 compared to $180,000 for units.  This again highlights that housing tends to be much more affordable outside of the capital cities.

10th percentile price of houses and units
3 months to January 2016

Hobart has the lowest 10th percentile house and unit prices at $205,000 and $167,000 respectively.  Darwin is the second most affordable for houses at $229,000 and for units Adelaide is in second place with a price of $222,000.  At the other end of the spectrum, the 10th percentile house price is highest in Sydney and Darwin (both $430,000) and the unit price is highest in Sydney at $360,000.

The table below highlights the five most affordable capital city suburbs for both houses and units in each state.  The data is based on median values and we have only included suburbs that had at least 10 sales over the 12 months to January 2016.

Suburbs with most affordable median values, January 2016

The much more affordable nature of Hobart housing is evident when you look at the most affordable lists for each city, particularly for houses.  The five most affordable suburbs for houses in Hobart are all more affordable than the most affordable suburbs in each other capital city.  The data also highlights that housing costs in Sydney, Darwin and Canberra tend to be more expensive than the remaining capital cities.

For units, Adelaide suburbs actually have the most affordable suburbs and certain suburbs in Brisbane are also cheaper than those in Hobart where medium to high density development is less common.  On the other hand, unit values in the most affordable Darwin and Canberra suburbs are much higher than elsewhere.

The data shows that affordable housing options are available in most capital cities however, they tend to be located on the outskirts of the capital cities.  Of course Hobart, Adelaide and Brisbane tend to have much more affordable housing options relative to the other capital cities.  Meanwhile, regional markets often offer up even more affordable housing alternatives.

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