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Get Walking Regularly with Heart Foundation Walking!

By Korgan Hucent
As you know, there are so many great health and wellbeing benefits when it comes to walking, and because it’s suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, any wonder it’s such a hit with adults everywhere! If you love to walk but would like to have some company whilst you do it, then why not consider getting involved with your local Heart Foundation Walking group?
By getting involved with a Heart Foundation Walking group you will make new friends whilst:
• Reducing your risk of nasties like heart disease and stroke
• Keeping your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol in check
• Preventing and controlling diabetes
• Reducing the risk of developing a number of cancers
• Keeping your bone density healthy, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures
• Improving your coordination and balance, so you’ll reduce your risk of falls and other injuries
And the great news is, up here in Darwin there are two really active and vibrant Heart Foundation Walking groups – the Casuarina Walk Group and the Mitchell Centre Walking Group. The Casuarina group walks on Mondays from 7.30am and the Mitchell Street group in the city walks from Friday at 7.30am. The walks go for 45-60 minutes at a medium pace, so they are suited for most people.
You can find out more about these fabulous groups by visiting:
There is also a Virtual Online Community for those who don’t feel any of the existing groups suit them, so that’s also an option for you to consider if you’re serious about incorporating walking and its many health benefits, into your routine. You can find out more about the Virtual Online Community by checking out:
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